(Wave Virology)


August 14-27, 2002


by Vladislav Bulgakov (FireLion) & New Age Masters,

Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine


Translated by Lyubov Podlipskaya (New York, USA)


Šóńńźą’ Āåšńč’


“The most dangerous is what we do not see”  


1.      Origin of Space Viruses




At the beginning of the forming of our Universe, when two contra forces of Space – Hierarchy of Light and Darkness – were on the stage of constitution, space viruses had already played the most important role in the Universe evolution.


Below we will consider physical nature of space, biological and wavy forms of viruses, computer viruses, and also compare them, emphasize likenesses and differences, give the methods of identification and neutralization of space viruses.


This work calls upon to present, to describe a problem, i.e. to attract mankind’s attention to reality of a huge evolutionary importance – space viruses. In this work effective anti virus means will not be presented; at present time they are working up and testing together with the Hierarchy of Light. Active means of anti virus precautions and protection will be given in Esoteric Celestology that has to be issued on Christmas, 2003. It can be found on sites:





Let’s agree that under space viruses or wave viruses we will consider all hierarchy structure of this higher intelligent form of life: from biological virus on our physical plane to field subtle substance and informational viruses of the Higher Planes of Being.

 At the present time space viruses are the most powerful and one of the most effective fatal weapons of the Hierarchy of Darkness.

 In arsenal of Black entities there are many different forms of viruses. There are space viruses that implant only into spiritual degraded people; there are viruses that defeat only high spiritual people.

 Let’s briefly discuss general history of space viruses in our Galaxy. We knowingly accentuate attention to our Galaxy. We will explain it later. 

Initially space viruses were unique Divine creatures and served to practice of Light. They performed the function of evolutionary correctors of the programs of a development of macro and micro space systems. Viruses could implant into vital field of any object and reprogram it. They corrected a program of development of bio intellect in case if it performed malfunction. Virus implanted into causal zones of an object and introduced in it its own correct program of development and reproduction. 

The Main Virologist of our Galaxy, whose Fall violated the Divine Plan of the Earth evolution and deprived a man of the Godlikeness, was the Galaxy Hierarch of Light. We do not want to mention his name one more time. Unfortunately, a desertion in Hierarchies is a reality. Constant battle takes place. One recruits the others, like in the Earth secret services. This action is taking place with variable success.

 In result of this Divine Fall viruses became to serve to Darkness and become a real plague of our Galaxy Milky Way. The Earth itself and mankind were infected by involution space virus of the Fall that can be destroyed only after Quantum Leap. Infecting took place on karmic level and became an integral part of the Earth Logos and every person living on it. Every monad bearer, incarnating on the Earth is subject to mandatory infection by this karmic space virus on the period of cycle his earth manifestations. So many quantity of wanting to manifest on the Earth is explained by that only feeling unbearable sufferings and asperity of life on the infected planet soul gets priceless evolutionary experience. It will need in thousand times more time to get such experience on the other uninfected planetary schemes. 

Our Galaxy is considered to be one of the most dangerous places in the whole Universe just because of space virology situation. It is under special quarantine, to time. For arriving/departure in/out of our Galaxy specific sanitary precautions are needed. There are no such means in the other Galaxies. It makes it difficult to move freely on it for the representatives of the rest Space. 

Hierarchy of Light is not for a while yet weak to solve this problem in initial cause because the Main Black Virologist was formerly Higher Hierarch of Light and bears in himself Its High aspect. It is easy for him to break many plans of Light. How high are rates in space game: one entity can create such chaos in the whole Galaxy.

 But early or later this problem will be eliminated, and the Main Virologist will feel all horror of action of his monsters – viruses.

 Space viruses have their own super-consciousness; they can be likening to super computer. They are programmed by their creators and perform inserted in them purpose – program. Doing these space viruses are fully all-sufficient, have ability to self-teaching and adapting themselves to any environment.








There are many ways of virus penetration into object. Virus is always working with jeweler’s art. It can cheat a defensive system of a cell by bringing into this cell its own vita codes or false DNA codes. Virus initially remotely scans from a cell these parameters, learning codes and schemes of vital functions of a cell and intracellular metabolism. It, like an earth killer, is carefully learning a victim, finding its weak places. By the way, this ability of viruses can be “domesticated” and used in the interests of Light. Similarly as the earth hijackers are scanning radio code of signaling, copy it and after that introduce it and hijack a car. The same way a cell cannot identify a virus. Sometimes the earth stealers deactivate a signaling by electroshock. Practically a virus has never acted this way. It is a rough job; a virus is interested in a pointed manner to change a manor a cell – a product of the Divine mind – by the force of its intelligence.


Certainly, there are the other methods. For example, a cell takes from a masked (disguise virus) virus coded by its own key information, which it decodes as itself. Later a cell either takes away a defense because it considers there is no danger from itself or sharply weakens immunity because it should spend much energy to a processing of virus information. The Earth hackers have a similar method of breaking of servers when they organize massive access to it, in result a server “is breathless” and its defense can be easily broken. Similarly, intracellular intelligence cannot understand such situation with which it has never dealt before and has no experience of behavior in it. It leads to additional energy spending. And every additional energy spending weakens immunity.


Certainly, a cell, feeling that the assignment is higher than its forces, can send a query to brain. But virus is on the alert: it catches a query and, disguised oneself as an answer of a brain, transmits necessary for it information to already doomed cell. Such kinds of space viruses are called “Grecian horses”. It is a sort of a large group of space viruses – invisible beings or stalls – viruses.


A stalls virus can penetrate into a cell, but not to disclose itself immediately, but only in a moment of necessity. Stalls-viruses can incriptively (?) exchange information with other infected cells of an organism, for example, with a purpose of synchronism of activation and infliction of the whole organism. Resident viruses act in such a way; they are viruses that permanently live in an object and masked themselves as structural elements of a cell.


In the cases when space viruses because of any cause cannot break a defense of a cell, they use a method of “flash-like injection”. This method is a sharp sticking or screwing of virus into a point of bifurcation (point of unstable equilibrium) of a cell. Like a suture needle a virus punctures cytoplasm and screws into a cell nucleus taking the whole system under its own control. Everything is as in time of revolution: at the beginning a virus catches all strategically important objects, starting from the very top.






There are many methods. It is possible to use the methods of defense similar to defense from computer viruses: They are: 1) preventive measures; 2) precautions in work and timely revelation all suspicious objects: 3) permanent renewal of anti virus bases. We repeat, now active work is being held, and our anti virus concept will be published on Christmas, 2003. (


At present time, namely anti virus update is, unfortunately, the most effective method of fighting with space viruses. We state it with a pity because new, already introduced virus can be identified only after its infecting of an organism.


Space virus – epidemiological situation now is similar to the earth Internet: virus writers are constantly writing new viruses that cause damage to economics. Till this time we lose to space viruses practically in all respects: the main is that really virus can be only established de facto, but not alarmed.


Space viruses are very insidious; sometimes they are programmed in such a way that destruction of one virus leads to activation of the other, more terrible virus form. We had a misfortune and suffering to go through such virus “Black Scorpio” and “Pleromic Cannibal”.


Space viruses operate with many planes of Being and can affect three-dimensional man on physical, astral, mental and even karmic planes.








Overwhelming majority of now living on the Earth organisms consists of cells, and only viruses do not have cellular texture.


According to this important attribute the scientists divide all living things into two empires:


-         Under cellular (viruses and protobes);

-         Cellular (all other organisms: bacteria and close to them groups, funguses, green plants, animals and a man).


Viruses are tiny organisms; their sizes are varied from 12 to 500 nanometers. Small viruses are equal to big molecule of protein. Viruses are sharply expressed parasites of the cells.


The most important characteristics of viruses are the following:


  1. In their composition they contain only one from the types of nucleic acids: either ribonucleic acid (RNA) or desoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). All cellular organisms, including the most primitive, contain DNA and RNA simultaneously.


  1. They do not have their own metabolism, have very restricted quantity of enzymes. For reproduction they use metabolism of a cell-master, its enzymes and energy.


  1. They can exist only as intracellular parasites and do not reproduce outside of those organisms they are parasitised.


The most primitive viruses consist of a molecule of RNA (or DNA) surrounded on the outside by protein molecules creating viruses’ capsule. Some viruses have one more outside or second capsule; more complicated viruses contain some enzymes.


Nucleic acid (NA) is a bearer of hereditary properties of a virus. Proteins of inner and outer capsules serve for its defense.


Since viruses do not have their own metabolism, they exist outside a cell as “lifeless” particles. In this case it is possible to say that viruses are inert crystals. Implanting into a cell they “come alive” again.


At reproduction, to create components of their particles viruses use nutrient substances and energy metabolic systems of infected by them cells. After implanting into a cell virus dissociates on components – NA and capsule proteins (“undresses”). From this moment genetic information, coded in virus nucleic acid, takes control over biosynthetic processes of cell-master.


Separate synthesis of capsule and NA of a virus takes place in a cell-master. Later they are combined and formed new virion (fully formed mature virus). The scientists who even conducted the following experiment observed this feature. They destroyed virus of tobacco mosaic into two its parts – NA and protein. After that they mixed them and …. got viable initial virus with all its biological properties. As we know, division reproduces cells. Partition of a cell on constituent parts (nucleus, capsule, cytoplasm, mitochondrion, ribosome) and their later mixing will not lead to the similar effect – it is impossible to succeed a cell.


 Viruses are not reproduced on artificial nutrient fluids – they excessively intelligible to nutrition. Ordinary meat broth that suits a majority of bacteria is not convenient for viruses. They need vivid cells, and not any cells but strictly definite.


Science knows viruses of bacteria, plants, insects, animal and a man. There are more than 1000 kinds of viruses. The processes, connected with virus reproduction, often but not always injure and destroy a cell-master.


Viruses’ reproduction, conjugated with a destruction of the cells, leads to a beginning of the sickly states in an organism.


The scientists determined that many viruses live in a man’s organism, but they do not always manifest themselves. Only weaken organism is subjected to action of pathogenic virus.


There are many ways to be infected by viruses: through skin, with insects’ and ticks’ stings; through saliva, mucus and other secretions of a sick person; through air; with food; sexual way and others.


In animals viruses provoke foot-and-mouth decease, plaque, rabies; in insects – polyhedroz, granulematose; in plants – mosaic or other changing of the leaves’ color or flowers, curliness of leaves and other changing of form, dwarf ness; at last, in bacteria – their dissociation.


From the beginning viruses are considered to be only pathogenic organisms. The idea that viruses are only morbific agents prevails now in the wide circles of “uninitiated”. However, it is not quite correct.


It is known that a whole series of viruses that are not bearers of the sicknesses. Many of them penetrate into a man’s organism but do not provoke any clinical showed sicknesses. They can durably and without any outer manifestation exist in the cells of their master (stalls-viruses).


The idea about viruses as stopping at nothing “annihilators” keeps at studying of specific group of viruses that affects bacteria. It is a question of bacteriophages - “bacteria consumers” (they are also called phages) that were opened in 1917 in France and England simultaneously. However, there, hope is appeared that phages’ ability to destroy bacteria could be used at a treatment of some sicknesses provoked by these bacteria.


Phages really became the first group of viruses “domesticated by a man. They punished quickly and cruelly with their close neighbors in micro world. Plaque bacillus, typhoid fever, dysentery, vibrio of cholera literally melted away after a meeting with these viruses. They started to be used for prevention and treatment of many infectious sicknesses; but, unfortunately, failures went after the first successes. It was due to that in a man’s organism phages attacked bacteria not so actively as in a test-tube. Moreover, bacteria prove to be “more artful” than their enemies: they very fast adapted to phages and became insensitive to their action.


After a discovery of antibiotics the phages as a medicine receded into background, but till this time they are used with success for bacteria identification. The point is that phages are able very accurately to find “their bacteria” and quickly dissolve them. Such properties of the phages underlie medical diagnostics. Usually, this is making in such a way: separated from an organism of a sick person bacteria are growing on solid nutrient medium, after that different phages are carried on getting “lawn”, for example, dysenteric, typhoid, choleric and others. In 24 hours cups are looking through on light and determine what phage caused bacteria dilution. If such action was showed by dysenteric phage it means that from an organism dysenteric bacteria were separated, if typhoid – typhoid bacteria.


Sometimes, viruses, effecting on animal and insects, come to help a man. More than 20 years ago in Australia there was a severe problem with fight against wild rabbits. Quantity of these rodents ran up to threatening amount. They, faster than locust, destroyed crops of agricultural cereals and became real national disaster. Usual methods of fight with them were ineffective. Then, the scientists used for fight with rabbits specific virus that was able to destroy practically all infected animals. But how to spread this sickness among timid and cautious rabbits? Mosquitoes helped. They played a role of “flying needle”, spreading virus from rabbit to rabbit. At this mosquitoes were absolutely healthy.


What will happen with a cell if not one but two viruses infect it? If you decided that in this case sickness of a cell would intensify, you were wrong. It turns out that presence in a cell one virus often surely defend it from destructive action of another one. The scientists called this phenomenon virus interference. It connects with a production of specific protein – interferon; in the cells it put in action a defensive mechanism which is able to differ virus from not virus. At that, virus is selectively suppressed. In the cells interferon suppresses reproduction of a majority of viruses (if not all). Produced as medical drug interferon is used now for treatment and preventive measures of many virus illnesses.


What other useful things might we expect from viruses in future? First of all, it is worthwhile to remind about gene engineering. Viruses can be of benefit to the scientists, catching necessary genes in certain cells and bringing them into the other ones.


Finally, there is one more possibility of using of the viruses. The scientists discovered virion that is able selectively to destroy some tumors of the mice. Also viruses were produced to kill tumor’s cells of a man. If it is possible to deprive viruses of their pathogenic properties and at the same time to keep their property selectively to destroy cancerous growth, in future, possibly, powerful mean to fight against this serious illness will be obtained. Search of such viruses is conducted. Now this work does not seem fantastic and hopeless.








Action and spreading of space viruses is based on the principle of chain reaction.


Every person has floating factor of space virus resistance – an extent of resistibility to space viruses, changing according to inner or outer conditions.


Action of space viruses on physical body manifests as sicknesses. More than 80% the earth sicknesses have virus nature (cancer, diabetes, hypertension, cardiac infraction, stroke and so on.). Unfortunately, it is still not enough people who understood it. Sicknesses, pathogenic organisms of which are accepted to be bacteria and so on, really are a result of action of wavy forms of viruses.


Action of space viruses on astral body manifests in the form of different kinds of phobia, causeless anxiety and fears, unequal emotional reaction to the events and people behavior, extra sensitivity and irritability, tendency to depressions, high excitability, crying and so on. Generally, they are unequal emotional sensible states.


Action of space viruses on mental bode of a man manifests as fixed ideas and thoughts, impossibility to concentrate, “muddle head”, chronic alcoholism (alcohol viruses), and drug addition (drug viruses), bringing to suicide.  


Special variety of mental space viruses – imperative viruses – are viruses, declining and impellent a man to do definite actions, leading to slow or fast self-destroying of an organism. They can manifest themselves in different forms, including verbal (when, for example, a man hears “inner voice” as: “I am the God, you need to drink (prick oneself, smoke)”). They are so called viruses-personificators.


Thus, alcoholics, drug addicts and those who are called mentally sick (very correct definition!) are simply sick people, infected by informational and mentally-astral viruses. But who can state it? Try to tell this their medical doctors, and you immediately will become their patients.


There are viruses – detonators: if the relations between people or countries are strained, action of such virus is similar to detonator and leads to explosion and the beginning of conflict, opened quarrel or war. This group of viruses is also called viruses of “the last drop”.


There are viruses – provokers: they transmit you the thoughts that nobody loves you, you are unfaithful, you are deceived and so on. In result you consciously change your attitude to and person. All this is done without any causes, without any checking. In this group there are viruses – terminators that, acting similar way, cause a break of attitudes between people.


There are also viruses – organs killers, destroying separate organs or systems of an organism.


All mentioned above kinds of field (wavy) space viruses belongs to hostiling mega group. Their purpose is kindling of hatred, aggression and wars on the planet.


There is a cerebral group of viruses; their action is directed to destroying of brain. This constituent part of space viruses provokes violations in the work of the whole organism.


According to hierarchic classification there is a specific, terrible space virus “Black Suicide”. With implantation into a man’s organism this virus takes control over consciousness, slowly reprogramming (destroying its nervous system and defense) his mentality and leading to suicide. Verily, nervous system is one of the weakest points of modern man. By the way, in connection with dishonest, from a point of view of space law, action of space viruses and Hierarchy of Darkness, in the meeting of the Universe Logos there was taken unexampled decision: people, who commit suicide in result of action of space viruses, karmically not RECOGNIZED as self-murderers and not bring correctional teaching lessons in the next lives. People committed suicide without “outer” space viruses’ help (i.e. only under the influence of outer social, family, pecuniary and other factors) are recognized as committed a crime against life and are subject of passing a complete complex of corresponding lessons in the next lives. This rule is called “Rule of Honest Suicide” and is subject to absolute execution in the whole Space.


Certainly, mentioned above states of a man have not always made conditional upon action of space virus. A man is a man because he has the ability to go through and to think. It is necessary to learn to identify space virus infiltration from normal life situation. It is possible to recommend always remember a rule: “All (that is) beyond measure is harmful!”


Space viruses cannot penetrate into the fifth karmic body. In a man’s karmic matrix there is ALREADY a wavy culture of space virus “the Fall” that was implanted in it by the Prince of Darkness and this World in about 18 million years ago. Just him a man “obliged” by loss of the Godlikeness and immortality of physical body. Virus also has been implanted into the Earth Logoistic Matrix. Yes, Black Hierarch is a part of the Earth physical body that is mortally sick. That is why it is so difficult to save it. The only way for the Earth and humanity is the universal operation “Quantum Transition” (Quantum Leap, Collapse). In result of sharp explosive increasing of the being frequency virus must be annihilated, burned down from karmic matrix. All takes place now might be called preoperative preparation. This operation is very risky; if it will fail, as the earth surgical operations sometimes finish, the planet and mankind and surgeons themselves will be killed.


Frequently, wavy space virus acts holistically: i.e. infects an organism on physical level. Many viruses can penetrate on physical plane and reprogram a work of an organism’s systems, for example, nervous, immune or endocrine. There are viruses – gene blockers; they provoke short term, but frequently repetitive disruptions in the genes’ work. For example, they block (temporary or permanently) the work of gene of family, gene of love or gene of life expectancy, in result (with the action on astral-mental planes) virus carries out problem put by.


Space viruses can affect all man’s bodies, separately and in the whole. The most dangerous phenomenon that already took place some time ago is “inter-dimensional infection”. This is a situation when physical body of a person or computer are infected by wavy space viruses and their action is manifested as injuries of physical body.


At the present time Black entities is undertaking the most active actions for infection and destroying of humanity. TRULY, THIS PROBLEM HAS A CHARACTER OF GLOBAL THREAT TO THE EXISTING OF HUMANITY! We tell it with full responsibility and without any exaggeration. (See also


Spoilage and damnation, as a matter of fact, is creation of wavy form of space virus and is an act of black magic.


Space viruses are actively used by egregors for getting life energy of a man.


Fortunately, space viruses are not creative: they cannot create a reality by other way than through object-master. It means they cannot, for example, organize car accident directly, but can lead a man to such state in which steering will be dangerous.


Space viruses are different in power, therefore in duration of action. There are viruses with short-term action (a thought has come to mind and you dismissed it), the viruses action of that has chronic character. BUT ALWAYS if you showed weakness, virus activates and overcome.


Different people endure an action of the same virus differently: after implanting into an object virus uses its own energy. That is why a person with a strong energy is suffering stronger. Also, to destroy a virus in people with strong energy it takes more quantity of “washing away” space energy or higher frequency of it. Incineration of space virus takes place only in result of this procedure (similarly rising of a body temperature at destroying of biological virus).


Recently, terrible novelty came from black depths – virus-constructor. Now every underground or Space down can create with template, similar to the earth computer programs, his own culture of space virus and integrate in on the Earth, checking its action on people. It is not prohibited by the Space Laws. We recognize it. It is always necessary to play HONESTLY! This actually complicated highly explosive situation around the Earth. Higher Forces of Light is preparing now a deserved and effective answer that must defend humanity from space viruses and different kinds of black-entity “Edisons” (Excuse us, great scientist, for such comparison).


Note one more time, Higher Forces of Light now cannot provide 100% defense of the Earth and humanity from viruses. First of all the most effective defense can be provided by only a person himself. We will check everything that we worked up on ourselves; and in the case of success and approval of Hierarchy of Light we will tell and teach you. 








What is Computer Virus?



The explanation may be given by the example with a clerk working only with papers. The idea of such explanation belongs to D. N. Lozinskiy. Imagine an orderly clerk, coming to his job in an office, and every time finding out on his table a pile of sheets of paper with the list of assignments that he should perform for his working day. He takes upper sheet, read the instructions of his boss, punctually carries them out, throws “spent” sheet into a garbage can, and goes on to the next sheet. Imagine that some joker puts furtively in this pile of sheets the sheet, on which it is written the following: “Rewrite this sheet two times and put the copies in a pile of assignments of the neighbors”.


How will a clerk act? He will rewrite this sheet twice, put it on his neighbors’ table, destroy the original and go on to a performing of his next assignment, i.e. go on to carry out his job. How will his neighbors act, being the same orderly clerks, finding out a new assignment? In the same way as the first clerk: they will rewrite it twice and distribute it among the other clerks. Altogether in the office there are already four copies of initial document that will be copied and put on the other tables. About such scheme a computer virus is working, only the programs will be piles of papers – assignments, and a clerk will be a computer. As a clerk a computer orderly carries out all program commands (the sheets with assignment), staring from the first. If the first command is as “copy me in two other programs”, a computer will do this, and command – virus is taken into two other programs. When a computer goes on to carrying out the other “infected” program, virus by the same method will be spreading further and further at all computer.


In the given above example about a clerk and his office a sheet – virus does not check if next folder with the assignments is “infected” or not. In this case to the end of the working day the office will be filled up with such copies, and the clerks will only rewrite the same text and distribute it to their neighbors. The first clerk will do two copies; next virus victims will do four, after that – 8. 16. 32, 64 and so on. Thus, quantity of copies will increase twice every time.


Ridiculous as it is (although it was not ridiculous for the participants of this incident), it was but such case took place in 1988 in America – several global nets of transmission of information found themselves to be overfull with copies of net virus (“virus of Morris”) that distributed itself from computer to computer. That is why “correct” viruses do it in this way: “Rewrite this sheet twice and put copies in a pile of assignments of the neighbors if they do not have yet this sheet”. Problem is solved – “there is no overcrowding”, but each pile contains a copy of virus; at this clerks have time to carry out their ordinary job.


“And what about destruction of data?” – erudite man in the street asks. Everything is very simple – it is enough to add to the list a following: “ 1. Rewrite this sheet twice and put the copies in the pile of assignments of the neighbors if they do not have yet this sheet. 2. Look at the calendar. If today is Friday, having occurred on the 13th, throw out all documents into a garbage can”. About this a well-known virus Jerusalem (another name – Time) carries out. In example of a clerk it is clearly seen why in a majority of cases it is impossible to define exactly where virus appeared in computer from. All clerks have the same (to within a handwriting) copies, but an original with a joker’s handwriting is in a garbage can long ago!  Here is a simple explanation of a job of a virus.



Where Do Computer Viruses Come From?



We would like to give two axioms that, however curiously they are, are not obvious for everybody. First, viruses do not originate by themselves, they are created by the programmers – hackers who send them along a net of transmitting of data or throw them up in their friends’ computers. By itself a virus cannot appear in your computer – either it was thrown up with diskettes or even from a compact - disk, or you occasionally downloaded it from a computer network, or a virus lived in your computer from the very beginning, or (what is the most terrible) a programmer – hacker lives in your house. Second:  computer viruses infect only a computer and nothing else; that is why do not be afraid – they are not transmitted through a keyboard or a mouse.



“Normal” Definition of Computer Virus



Now we will try to give a “normal” definition. The first researches of self - reproductive artificial structures were conducted in the middle of the past century. In the works of fon Neumann, Wiener and the other authors there was given a definition and conducted mathematic analysis of finite automatons, including self – reproductive. Term “computer virus” appeared later. The main difficulty, arising with the attempts to give strict definition of a virus, is that practically all-distinctive features of a virus (embedding into the other objects, secrecy, potential danger and so on) either other programs (which are not viruses) have or there are viruses that do not have described above distinctive features (except a possibility of spreading).


For example, if, as a quality of virus distinctive characteristic, secrecy is taken it is easy to give an example of a virus making no secret of the fact of its spreading. Such virus before infecting any file takes out a message, saying that there is a virus in a computer, and this virus is ready to infect next file; after that it takes out a title of this file and asks a permission of a user for embedding of this virus into a file. If, as a quality of virus distinctive characteristic, a possibility of destruction by it the programs and data on the disks are taken, as a counter-example of given distinctive feature it is possible to give dozens of absolutely harmless viruses that, except their spreading, have nothing more distinctive features.


The main feature of computer viruses - a possibility of their spontaneous embedding into the different objects of operating system - many programs have, which are not viruses. For example, the most extended operating system MS-DOS has in itself all necessary for spontaneous downloading in not DOS’s disks. Modified in such a way DOS will become the very real virus from the point of view of practically any existed definition of a computer virus. Thus, the first of the causes, not permissive to give strict definition of a virus, is impossibility to isolate identically the distinctive features that would correspond to viruses only.



Types of Viruses



There are several types of viruses depending on what just programs they infect.


File viruses infect the programs on your hard drives and diskettes. They may imbed into all types of executive files, namely: in COM- and EXE-programs, in command files with extension, BAT, in system drivers, in resident “screen keepers” and so on. Bases of data, displays and pure texts cannot be infected because they are not programs. To a number of files there belong so called macro viruses that can be attached to your documents and electronic tables, infecting program components contained in them (so called “macros”). In order that file virus activates and starts reproducing it is enough to start infected program or to open infected document.


Boot-sector viruses infect small programs that are always written in the system fields of your Winchester and your diskettes. In order that such virus activates it is enough during reboot to forget infected diskette in the disk drive opening.


Virus will immediately “get” into the system field of your Winchester; and later, during every reboot it will start from there and infect all newly inserted in disk drive diskettes.


Type of viruses, called “worms” is not attached to the other programs and reproduces and spreads in other way: it imbeds itself into operation memory of the other computers through networks, writes itself entirely inside file archives, and so on. “Worm” to be activated the user should start it by his own hands. Imagine, in your ZIP-archive a program with tempting title PORNO suddenly appeared. If you, consuming with curiosity, will start it, that is all – a virus has started!



What is a Danger of Computer Virus?



This question is not so simple as it could come into view from the first sight. Certainly, all of us perfectly remember to what hard rectifiable consequences may lead an action of such viruses as Win32.CIH (Mugwort). But together with it there are viruses that do not carry in themselves any destructive functions, but simply reproduce and spread from one machine to another. To a number of such viruses there are well known to Saratov computer users Kaczor and OneHalf. Does it mean we may treat them truly?


Of course, not! First of all, a virus, having infected your computer, uses its resources, “biting off” a part of on-line storage, slowing down the work of a handler of breakpoint (interrupt) and so on. Second, even the most accurately written harmless virus cannot be fully compatible with all program – hardware configurations, this may sometimes lead to incorrect work of separate programs, failures and so on. (However, I personally watched the cases when a virus lived in computer for years, remaining unnoticed.) Finally, progress does not stand in its place; conditions are changing; and perfectly compatible with MsDos 3.30 and 286/40/EGA virus, most likely leads to “taking-off” of application under Windows 95/98. And one more reason. Some years ago a well-known Bulgarian virologist Vesselin Bonchev conducted full-scale analysis of the question and came to paradoxical conclusion. It turns out that so called “harmful” viruses annually damage the world economics for hundred of million dollars, but in most cases because a user, learned that his computer has a virus, starts to worry, stops a job and spends much time and money for healing.


Form this it follows the very simple conclusion: instead of healing from a virus it is better to bar from infection.


 Computer viruses were and still are one of the most common reasons of losing information. The cases are known when viruses blocked a job of the organizations and enterprises. Moreover, some years ago a case has been stated when a computer virus became a cause of a man’s death – in one of the hospitals of the Netherlands a patient got a mortal portion of morphine because a computer was infected by a virus and gave wrong information.


In spite of the great efforts of competitive between each other anti viruses firms, losses due to the computer viruses do not fall and reach astronomical amounts of hundreds million dollars annually.  These estimations are obviously understated because it becomes known only about a portion of similar incidents.


At this, it should keep in mind that anti virus programs and “iron” do not give a full guarantee of protection from viruses. About the same badly are things on the other side of tandem “a man – computer”. The users as well as the professionals – programmers often do not have even skills of “ self-defense”; and their ideas about virus are so superficial that it would be better not to have them (ideas) at all.


Computer viruses are the first quite successful attempt to create a life. This attempt is successful but one cannot say that it is useful – modern computer microorganisms most of all remind insects – pests, bringing only the problems and nuisances.


But nevertheless, it is a life because computer viruses have all attributes of living – ability to reproduction, adaptation to an environment, movement and so on (naturally, only in the limits of the computers – just as all stated above is correct for biological viruses in the limits of an organism’s cells). Moreover, there are “bisexual” viruses (virus RMNS). An example of “multi cellular” may be macro viruses consisting of several independent macros.


Fighting with computer viruses is a combating of a human with a human intelligence (in a certain sense it is also manifestation of nature forces, although there is more than one opinion about this). This fight is a fight of intelligences, since the problems standing before the virologists are put by the same people. They invent new virus, and to know about it is our task. Later they invent virus, it is very hard to know about it, but we know. And even now, for sure, somewhere a guy is at the computer, who is not more stupid than I am, suffering about next monster, which I have to examine for the whole week, and after that to debug algorithm of anti virus for one more week. By the way, why not it is evolution of living organisms?


Viruses of a new generation, so called polymorph-viruses, are still not appeared. These viruses are used the other approach to invisibility” they are enciphered (in most cases), and in decoder they use commands that may be not repeated at infecting of different files.


In most cases a virus infects file properly, i.e. by information containing in a virus body it is possible to restore fully infected file. But viruses as a majority of programs often contain unnoticeable from the first sight mistakes. Due to this even properly written virus may irreversibly corrupt a file at its infection. For example, viruses, discerning the types of files by names’ extension (.COM, EXE), are very dangerous because they corrupt files, at which name extension does not correspond to inner size.


Polymorphism – Mutation of Viruses


Popularity of the idea of self-coded polymorph - viruses took the form of appearance of generators of polymorph - code – at the beginning of 1992 a well-known virus “Dedicated” appeared, basing on the first known polymorph - generator MtE and opening a new series of MtE – viruses; and in a short time a polymorph – generator appeared. It is an object module (OBJ-file); and now to get a polymorph - mutant from the most common unnumbered virus it is enough only to link its object modules – OBJ-file of polymorph - generator and virus OBJ-file. Now a virus author if he wants to create a real polymorph – virus does not need to pore over the codes of his own encoder/decoder. At wish he may link up to his virus a polymorph – generator and call up it from the codes of a virus.


To detect these viruses it is necessary to use specific methods, such as emulation of execution of a virus code, mathematic algorithms of reconstruction of the code sections, data in a virus and so on.





We have considered different types and classes of space viruses. We also recognized that classification of computer viruses might be understood only to professionals. However, we thought it was necessary to insert this point in corpore because in it we describe the diverse schemes of action and spreading of the computer viruses. It gives deeper understanding of their conceptual sense and destination.


Based on above-stated it is possible to make some findings and conclusions.


  1. Any virus appears from nowhere, but is obligatory created by anyone;


  1. Viruses may be unisexual and bisexual, to have simple and complicated (“multi-cellular”) structure;


  1. Viruses are thoroughly examining a victim before infection;


  1. Viruses strike only weakened objects (or weaken it by themselves, see “Immunosaurs”) and strike them only into the most vulnerable places;


  1. Viruses perform a program laid in them, but at this they have their own self-contained high intellect;


  1. Viruses strike an object properly and beautifully, that is not their way of action – a rude work;


  1. Viruses exhibit a tendency to complication of structure, self-development and increase of a diversity of forms (polymorphism);


  1. Viruses cannot exist outside an object – master; consequently, penetration and infection of an object is for them necessary condition of life with all following consequences;


  1. Viruses are interference. Having penetrated into an object, they protect it from the other viruses, like an earth conqueror, having conquered the country or the people, governs over it but protect them from the other conquerors;


  1. Viruses are aggressive and disposed to reproduction;


  1. Viruses’ action is directed to a capture and full control over an object. It leads, finally, to its destruction.


We appreciate if You will tell your opinions, remarks and additions to these problems. 


The Black Entities actively use viruses for a collection of vital energy of humanity. Parasitizing on a vivid cell or computer they pull aside its energy (or nervous energy of a computer user) and direct it to their Black Masters (except an energy that is needed for them for providing their own vital functions).


By the way, mosquito and flies may be compared with viruses: the first deprives a man of his vital force, taking his blood (and nerves), the second eat his nervous energy when a man is waving away them. It is a truth, sometimes somebody uses mosquito for taking samples of your DNA. But this is a separate topic.


At present time space viruses get a character of global threat for humanity. It is dangerous not to understand or underestimate this. Space viruses of new generation – so called inter-dimensional viruses or electrical-magnetic viruses  - have already developed and started to embed in the Earth. Such wavy viruses can without problems penetrate into a man’s organism or computer as electric-magnetic wave with destructive informational coding (field, wavy virus), TO BE TRANSFORMED in an object in physical form and to infect him in complete program. In result, a man who is in altitude chamber may be infected or standing computer may be infected either. We personally were witnesses of this.


As a mean of effective precaution and treatment of space viruses it is possible to recommend addressing to the God, Higher Forces of Light, the Guardian Angel, the Saints, the Overhead Teachers of Light, and Mahatmas of Shambala. Prayer in the Spirit and Truth, visiting a church are very helpful.


One more time we remember: space viruses strike an object only if it is weak or temporarily weakened. An effect of cold is working: super cooling of an organism leads to the increased energy consumption; and, as a consequence, to a weakening of his immunity, consequently a virus activates.


ANY SPACE VIRUS NEVER CAN PENETRATE IN YOU IF YOU ARE STRONG: live in a harmony with Space, practice spiritual energy practices, lead a regular life, go in for sport and physical culture, regularly stay with nature and in the mountains, and so on.


Even if a space virus will penetrate in you, you will be able to destroy it (when a virus penetrates into an organism, the fight for survival is started, the strongest wins: either you or a virus). We personally experienced it on ourselves.





August 27, 2002



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